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Goal-Digger Mink Lashes - Gold Digger Lashes - Minx Lashes - Sexy Eyes - Minx London - Chelsea Mink Lashes - 3d Mink Lashes - Lashes UK - Wispy Lashes. We sell various Lash Types such as: 1. Extremely High Quality Mink Lashes, Mink Lash strips. 2. Human Hair Lashes. 3. Vegan Lashes, 100% Silk Lashes 4. Magnetic Lashes, Mink Magnetic Lashes. Our luxury packaging can be personalised with a name for a gift. So if you are looking to buy Wispy Lashes MINX LASHES Minx London Goal-Digger Mink Lashes Sexy, Ambitious & Abundance Seeking Light yet Fluffy Mink Strip Lashes Instantly Striking & Seductive Eyes   You Receive: x1 pair of mink lashes (in box as pictured) x1 Minx Clear Eyelash Glue All the above packaged in the Minx gift box with gold ribbon tied (as pictured)       Specifications: Material: Handcrafted 100% (cruelty free) Mink Lashes Band: Thin Band Lashes (Highly Flexible Cotton Band) Curl: D Curl Mink EyeLashes Type: Hand Made Lashes / Strip Lashes (with Individual Lashes) Feature: Natural Eyelashes Grade: Top Grade Style: Minx Deluxe False Eyelashes Design: UK Lashes Designed in London ; Personalised Option: Add a Name, or Name plus a small message to be placed on the gift box in Gold chrome writing. Simply message us with details or email Info@. Personalisation 10 characters maximum.   Details: Experience luxury to the fullest with our unique in house designed and hand made strip lashes which promote a velvet yet natural lashes appearance.Minx London 100% Mink Lashes are of the highest quality, Our mink lashes are created with extreme love and attention to detail, tapered superbly to create a luxurious finish with the desired fluffy lashes, full and dramatic wispy lashes appearance. Additionally, The mink used in our mink lashes is of fur that the mink shed naturally as well as taken once the mink has been groomed, they are 100% cruelty free Lashes.   Designs: Minx London specialised teams artistry is profound in creating unique strip lashes designs, wether it be classic lashes, wispy lashes, hybrid lashes or simply our very own “cocktail”, Minx London lashes can speak volumes, portray classiness, or scream edgy, and so much more. So wether you are after a seductive and sexy eyes look, or an attractive and natural lashes look… Minx London lashes can surely fulfil your desire.   Results: Your eyelashes become enhanced and provided with maximum impact leaving you with a flawless appearance perfecting your eyes without the look and feel of ‘false’ lashes allowing the windows to your soul to be the absolute definition of the word beauty.   Aftercare: Care for your lashes correctly and they may be reused for plus 25 applications. For tips on how to care for mink lashes, how to apply them like a pro, and info on all details surrounding lashes and more please feel welcome to view our blogs and vlogs via the blog navigation tab. Get Involved: Minx London is always on the lookout to collaborate with affiliates, influencers, blog writers, models of all types of appearances, creatives etc… therefore, feel welcome to contact us regarding the latter to discuss beneficial options available.   Minx Tales: We decided to have fun with designing these mink strip lashes, we went to a fancy restaurant/bar in the heart of London. We happened to spark random conversations with the people there and spoke about Goal Diggers and Gold Diggers, before long we were in hysterics and fighting to get our points of views across, even the staff there overheard us and added their own 2 cents to the debate. Our table became surrounded by a mix of non affluent and affluent men and women as well as self confessed sugar babies, sugar mommas & sugar daddies and the topic revolved around wether or not there was a difference in ambitious drive between a “gold digger” and a “goal digger”. By now, we had both “goal diggers” and “gold diggers” present all of which articulated their opinions profoundly. It was an impressive and memorable evening to say they least, especially once the cocktails started flowing, we soon diverted our attention to false lashes and one undeniable truth is that “gold diggers” and “goal diggers” have intense attention to details which certainly contributed to brainstorming for the strip lashes design. We discussed what the ideal strip lash for both types of diggers would be like, to no surprise the debating and loudness started again! With everyone dying with laughter and plenty of agreeing to disagree we eventually compromised and designed a lash strip for the ambitious individual, a perfect harmony of the gold digger and goal digger styles fused together to portray a wispy lash look that screams seduction! Wild! Classy! Go-getter! Strength! Perseverance! Overcomer of Pain! This resulted in our Goal-Digger Mink Lashes which has your eyes telling a story full of desire… going out into the world with all bridges of comfort burnt to ashes creating your very own destiny allowing your inner phoenix to take flight. Beautiful London Lashes False Eyelashes with glue - Sexy Eyes - Look Seductive - Mink Lashes - view our blogs for How to put on Fake Eyelashes.

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